Friday, 3 December 2010

Wacky Wacky Scarecrows.

Hey folks Brian here again, just to let you guys know because of the bloomin snow none of us can get alot of work done. Eddie and jos are doin their Dissertations so come on root for them. anyways here are more wacky scarecrow piccies for you guys to look at.

Second background by Brian

Hey folks Brian here again, here is another background completed for you guys to look at. I have been experimenting with different textures and brushes, so this is my second attempt at one haha. hope you guys like it.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mawkin Mawkin Mawkin and...Ren and Stimpy how did they get there

Woooaaahh Mawkin jus seen that there are hardly any posts on the blog come on folks get on here :P :D:D
If you saw that shoadow in the night you would be falling to pieces lol this is a concept for the big shadow scene. Yeah this scene is gonna be creepy as hell enjoy.

Here is a closeup of Mawkin laying eggs, basically getting scared lol

Mawkins on the move folks on the hunt for crows.

Oops Mawkin fell down stupid scarecrow haha :P

Quick sketch of Mawkin in the toolbox trying to grab the pose for this shot.

Here is a run pose for mawkin, really trying to push his line of action here. Just to let you know this was a very quick sketch only 5 minutes im really trying to push my speed when i draw.

Oh yeah well see i was inspired by Ren and Stimpy for this pose. This is what will happen if Mawkin gets the crows we do not want this atall. Do we folks!!!

Ahh heres joes one of the two crew. I really want to try and gel with his style people can see it in Mawkins im trying to encourage Joe to push his drawings further though :D.

Haha yeah i though i would draw Ren treating Stimpy like a Dog. If you look at his collar it says "eediot" lol.

This is a quick drawing or Ren by myself. I love his pose these inspered me to do my own for Mawkins facial expressions.

cornfield background completed

hey folks brian here this is my first attempt at a background colour drawing.
damn it was hard i couldve done better in some places but tell me what you think

Sunday, 28 November 2010

more backgounds

Here are more backgounrds for you to look at. These are from Eddie one of our beloved teammates. Again like the layouts for the other post i will post the original drawings.
Brian Lindsay

Poster and background early concept piece

This is our poster design trying to recruit more people to help make mawkins backfired jus that little bit more special. We are trying to get as many helpers as possible its all on the poster these will be posted after the new year because people are busy busy busy this time around with their hand in dates and not to mention xmas shopping. so enojy and post on the blog if u want to help.

this is a very early concept piece for our completed background that was shown to you a few weeks ago. As you can see i did not have enough space to fit it all together so number 4 (The fence) is at the bottom of the page. so here we are an early concept for our background. I will post the final drawing layouts for you next week. Bare with me though because it is snowing at my part and its gonna be an ass to get into uni to post these, you see the layouts are in the studio.

Dissertation complete

Hello folks Brian here just to let you guys know i have finished my dissertation. Yaay "Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy joy Joy" aww love that song. Anyways in the main body 7301 words and in total over 16000 words. We have to print out two copies of the dissertation so here you are folks this is what it looks like i dont know if they change each year but this is what i have.

The hand in date is the 8th of next month but i thought if i do it now i wont need to rush getting it printed. I have worked on this for a year so i hope that this proves worthy lol.

Thanks folks

Brian Lindsay

Monday, 22 November 2010

References are goood medicine

Hey folks Brian here and just to say...sorry i have not been on this for like all my life i have been a busy boy lol.

Anyways this is our reference for our fourth wall gag. This was a Tex Avery inspiration where he would use technical difficulties for gags in his films. Mawkins Backfire has taken it a bit further by actually ripping all the paper into a hole. here is a video for our reference.

First we used a carboard box and placed it between two chairs to keep it stable then taped is down for more support.

Then we cut a hole in the area where the paper is gonna get sucked through. Then using sticky materials we dragged the paper throught the hole.

We took pictures and a video so when we animate it we can look at our reference for how to draw the natural looking paper and timing for the gag.

hope yas likes whats I is dids :D

cya soon

Friday, 19 November 2010

Banana's and eyeballs

A quick update today.

Sarah has finished another background for us. This one is inside the barn. We call it the "Banana shot".
Also we have a test from Brian of a crazy eyeball take with help from the Scarecrow.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Media Extravaganza

Hey Everybody

This time round we thought we'd show off some tests and a peek at what we hope the backgrounds will look like once we've finished colouring them. But first some more videos!

These are all animation tests for some of our scenes, we'll upload more of them as they become available. I apologize for how dark some of them are. We'll definitely try to make the next ones a little brighter/clearer whenever we upload them.

Falling through the floor and bringing the page with him

Barn Collapse

Head Swish (Cause he's worth it)

Take Test

Here is our first background in full colour. Thanks have to go to Sarah Dargie for colouring this one. She's really gave the original background drawing some life and it's really set the palette we're hoping for the rest of the film.

Well that's all for now but stay tuned as we'll have more content for you soon.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Production Bible and Summer News

Well the Summer has came and went, and while this blog hasn't been updated since May, that doesn't mean we haven't been working on the project. Since the last post a lot of things have happened. But first pictures that were promised so long ago:

Potato Sack covering.



Thanks has to go to Laura and her Mum for making this a really unique looking Production Bible with the stitching and tatty sack coverings. Looking back on this makes me wish I could have done more for this, but that's the joys of hindsight.

Since the start of the new semester the Script as well as the character design have undergone a significant change.

The Crows remain relatively unchanged however we hope to show some more of their personality in the coming posts.

Brian's been working on some animation tests while I've been working on the storyboard and animatics.
Version 2

This is version two of our animatic (the first one taking ages to upload). This is the one that's been handed to our music composer, Laura. We should have a soundtrack for it soon. Right now we're colouring backgrounds and working on layouts which we hope to have done before December so we can start animation as soon as possible.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Run up to the Hand-in

Hey everybody Joe here, I've been hiding from this thing for too long and thought I might as post something. So what have me and Brian been up to this week?
Well with the hand-in fast approaching me and Brian have been busy putting together our stuff for assessment. The most prominent thing that comes to mind is the Production Bible. A Production Bible acts as a visual guide to an animation in relation to the design of the characters, props and environments as well as include some research and concepts for the production. Brian really wanted to go to town with this thing so he enlisted the help of his girlfriend Laura (who's also going to be helping us with the music) and her mother (who'll be getting a mention in the credits) in taking an old ring bound sketchbook and attaching a custom cover made from jute to the book to create a unique looking production bible. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it yet, but rest assured it'll feature in the next entry.
The other important parts that have been taken care of are the redraft of the script (making this the third and probably not the last redraft) as well as the animatic which draws it's material from the storyboard which is at a whopping 43 pages (but then again there are other projects that have a greater number of pages for they're storyboards). Overall everything's getting wrapped up pretty quickly and should be ready for the hand-in tom... oh wait later today.
(thought I might as well include a coloured storyboard drawing for all those who hate reading)
Well that's all for now, but as always stay tuned.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

More than just white space

This week has been all about props and backgrounds, so me and Brian have been drawing (Brian more so than me) some in order to give our characters somewhere to inhabit other than blank spaces.

We've both agreed that the overall design of the props and backgrounds should match the squash and stretch nature of the characters, so lot of the props feature curved lines and folds.

The inside of the Barn which we're still trying to figure out how to draw and what to have in it, but it is definetly based around the sterotypical red barns. The Crows are there as temporary placeholders until I can make some better looking ones.

Finally this is a rough layout for the characters (as well as some of the props) in regards to the Barn.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hey hey guys this is the new model of the scarecrows walk cycle, really thinking of changing the design again haha but no clue

but enjoy folks

Scarecrow line test

hey hey guys this is a line test of our scarecrow.
Its just a head movement but i'm trying to achieve a kinda wacky Tex avery style to him

write back and tell us what you think.

Modle of the scarecrow's head

Wooohoooo haha this was being a bitch to lad up guys but its finally on. Yeah this is another model of the scarecrow with his head. This was very early concept for him. Again we will be making a much better version of him.

We were actually thinking of building a real one but where to put it hmm no idea.

tell us your thoughts folks.

Model of our scarecrow's hand

Hey guys brian here just to let you all know i have been under the weather and still feeling it.
Joe has got out storyboards done yaaasssss.
Haha so hopefully get them underway he has practically out done himself this time folks.
anyways here is our model of the scarecrows hands. its not bad but i cud make a better one.
Dale in 2nd year claims that it looks like an arse so im not happy bout that haha.

Well hope ya likes.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls of all ages. We present to you the new look for our scarecrow. Now dus he look sexy or what haha :P. So yeah this is the final design for our scarecrow as u notice there are a few changes made actually quite alot. Personally i think he looks alot better. Now i just need to do some animation tests to see how he looks wen he moves. So he can do the talk but can he do the walk. More info on that later folks chow for now

...'.'::¬}BKL 1{¬::'.'... Sign out

Updates for our little straw brained friend

Well folks here i am again haha. Well even though im the creator ive still got to keep the crow happy so i showed him my epic montage page, He was liking it but it just wanst the scarecrow so i was like sake. But awel get back to it. so guys here he is this is now an updated look for our little friend. also studying line of action as reccomended by our experts have a look and see wat you think.

The montage Concept page

Hey Guys Brian here the scarecrows master and creator haha. Anyways while joe was creating these wicked crows u see here i have been watching team america. And then i thought im gonna make a montage. So here it is folks a montage page full of early concepts for the scarecrow. WOW
Thats alot of hay
Anyways comment and look around