Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls of all ages. We present to you the new look for our scarecrow. Now dus he look sexy or what haha :P. So yeah this is the final design for our scarecrow as u notice there are a few changes made actually quite alot. Personally i think he looks alot better. Now i just need to do some animation tests to see how he looks wen he moves. So he can do the talk but can he do the walk. More info on that later folks chow for now

...'.'::¬}BKL 1{¬::'.'... Sign out

Updates for our little straw brained friend

Well folks here i am again haha. Well even though im the creator ive still got to keep the crow happy so i showed him my epic montage page, He was liking it but it just wanst the scarecrow so i was like sake. But awel get back to it. so guys here he is this is now an updated look for our little friend. also studying line of action as reccomended by our experts have a look and see wat you think.

The montage Concept page

Hey Guys Brian here the scarecrows master and creator haha. Anyways while joe was creating these wicked crows u see here i have been watching team america. And then i thought im gonna make a montage. So here it is folks a montage page full of early concepts for the scarecrow. WOW
Thats alot of hay
Anyways comment and look around

Monday, 15 February 2010

Concept : Crows

While Brian works on the concept for the Scarcrow, I'm working on the Crows.

Here's the temporary design for the two Crows, who now have names, Clive and Dinky. as can be seen from the expressions on their faces, the tall one (Clive) is the smart one and the short one with the mallet (Dinky), is well... whimsical.

Concept: Mawkin

Well here's some concept work of the Scarecrow for our animation.

Scarecrow concepts by Brian. The character might change according to further concept work.

Kenneth's Aquilas

Hey guys and dolls, this is the blog for Mawkins Backfire.

For those of you wondering what Mawkins Backfire is, it is the name of an animated short that myself Brian Lindsey and my good cohort Joe McMahon are working on as part of our Animation course at Dundee Uni's art school, Duncan of Jordanstone. This blog will chart the progress of our project and we'll update it regularly with concept art and animation tests.

The short is based around a Scarecrow that attempts to protect his corn-field from the depredations of two crows, that make a mockery of him.

At the moment the project is still in the pre-production stage and the script is still going through some changes and revision.

So stay tuned and we'll be bringing you some concept art soon enough.

Brian & Joe