Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hey hey guys this is the new model of the scarecrows walk cycle, really thinking of changing the design again haha but no clue

but enjoy folks

Scarecrow line test

hey hey guys this is a line test of our scarecrow.
Its just a head movement but i'm trying to achieve a kinda wacky Tex avery style to him

write back and tell us what you think.

Modle of the scarecrow's head

Wooohoooo haha this was being a bitch to lad up guys but its finally on. Yeah this is another model of the scarecrow with his head. This was very early concept for him. Again we will be making a much better version of him.

We were actually thinking of building a real one but where to put it hmm no idea.

tell us your thoughts folks.

Model of our scarecrow's hand

Hey guys brian here just to let you all know i have been under the weather and still feeling it.
Joe has got out storyboards done yaaasssss.
Haha so hopefully get them underway he has practically out done himself this time folks.
anyways here is our model of the scarecrows hands. its not bad but i cud make a better one.
Dale in 2nd year claims that it looks like an arse so im not happy bout that haha.

Well hope ya likes.