Sunday, 28 November 2010

more backgounds

Here are more backgounrds for you to look at. These are from Eddie one of our beloved teammates. Again like the layouts for the other post i will post the original drawings.
Brian Lindsay

Poster and background early concept piece

This is our poster design trying to recruit more people to help make mawkins backfired jus that little bit more special. We are trying to get as many helpers as possible its all on the poster these will be posted after the new year because people are busy busy busy this time around with their hand in dates and not to mention xmas shopping. so enojy and post on the blog if u want to help.

this is a very early concept piece for our completed background that was shown to you a few weeks ago. As you can see i did not have enough space to fit it all together so number 4 (The fence) is at the bottom of the page. so here we are an early concept for our background. I will post the final drawing layouts for you next week. Bare with me though because it is snowing at my part and its gonna be an ass to get into uni to post these, you see the layouts are in the studio.

Dissertation complete

Hello folks Brian here just to let you guys know i have finished my dissertation. Yaay "Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy joy Joy" aww love that song. Anyways in the main body 7301 words and in total over 16000 words. We have to print out two copies of the dissertation so here you are folks this is what it looks like i dont know if they change each year but this is what i have.

The hand in date is the 8th of next month but i thought if i do it now i wont need to rush getting it printed. I have worked on this for a year so i hope that this proves worthy lol.

Thanks folks

Brian Lindsay

Monday, 22 November 2010

References are goood medicine

Hey folks Brian here and just to say...sorry i have not been on this for like all my life i have been a busy boy lol.

Anyways this is our reference for our fourth wall gag. This was a Tex Avery inspiration where he would use technical difficulties for gags in his films. Mawkins Backfire has taken it a bit further by actually ripping all the paper into a hole. here is a video for our reference.

First we used a carboard box and placed it between two chairs to keep it stable then taped is down for more support.

Then we cut a hole in the area where the paper is gonna get sucked through. Then using sticky materials we dragged the paper throught the hole.

We took pictures and a video so when we animate it we can look at our reference for how to draw the natural looking paper and timing for the gag.

hope yas likes whats I is dids :D

cya soon

Friday, 19 November 2010

Banana's and eyeballs

A quick update today.

Sarah has finished another background for us. This one is inside the barn. We call it the "Banana shot".
Also we have a test from Brian of a crazy eyeball take with help from the Scarecrow.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Media Extravaganza

Hey Everybody

This time round we thought we'd show off some tests and a peek at what we hope the backgrounds will look like once we've finished colouring them. But first some more videos!

These are all animation tests for some of our scenes, we'll upload more of them as they become available. I apologize for how dark some of them are. We'll definitely try to make the next ones a little brighter/clearer whenever we upload them.

Falling through the floor and bringing the page with him

Barn Collapse

Head Swish (Cause he's worth it)

Take Test

Here is our first background in full colour. Thanks have to go to Sarah Dargie for colouring this one. She's really gave the original background drawing some life and it's really set the palette we're hoping for the rest of the film.

Well that's all for now but stay tuned as we'll have more content for you soon.