Sunday, 28 November 2010

Poster and background early concept piece

This is our poster design trying to recruit more people to help make mawkins backfired jus that little bit more special. We are trying to get as many helpers as possible its all on the poster these will be posted after the new year because people are busy busy busy this time around with their hand in dates and not to mention xmas shopping. so enojy and post on the blog if u want to help.

this is a very early concept piece for our completed background that was shown to you a few weeks ago. As you can see i did not have enough space to fit it all together so number 4 (The fence) is at the bottom of the page. so here we are an early concept for our background. I will post the final drawing layouts for you next week. Bare with me though because it is snowing at my part and its gonna be an ass to get into uni to post these, you see the layouts are in the studio.

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