Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mawkin Mawkin Mawkin and...Ren and Stimpy how did they get there

Woooaaahh Mawkin jus seen that there are hardly any posts on the blog come on folks get on here :P :D:D
If you saw that shoadow in the night you would be falling to pieces lol this is a concept for the big shadow scene. Yeah this scene is gonna be creepy as hell enjoy.

Here is a closeup of Mawkin laying eggs, basically getting scared lol

Mawkins on the move folks on the hunt for crows.

Oops Mawkin fell down stupid scarecrow haha :P

Quick sketch of Mawkin in the toolbox trying to grab the pose for this shot.

Here is a run pose for mawkin, really trying to push his line of action here. Just to let you know this was a very quick sketch only 5 minutes im really trying to push my speed when i draw.

Oh yeah well see i was inspired by Ren and Stimpy for this pose. This is what will happen if Mawkin gets the crows we do not want this atall. Do we folks!!!

Ahh heres joes one of the two crew. I really want to try and gel with his style people can see it in Mawkins im trying to encourage Joe to push his drawings further though :D.

Haha yeah i though i would draw Ren treating Stimpy like a Dog. If you look at his collar it says "eediot" lol.

This is a quick drawing or Ren by myself. I love his pose these inspered me to do my own for Mawkins facial expressions.

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