Sunday, 2 May 2010

Run up to the Hand-in

Hey everybody Joe here, I've been hiding from this thing for too long and thought I might as post something. So what have me and Brian been up to this week?
Well with the hand-in fast approaching me and Brian have been busy putting together our stuff for assessment. The most prominent thing that comes to mind is the Production Bible. A Production Bible acts as a visual guide to an animation in relation to the design of the characters, props and environments as well as include some research and concepts for the production. Brian really wanted to go to town with this thing so he enlisted the help of his girlfriend Laura (who's also going to be helping us with the music) and her mother (who'll be getting a mention in the credits) in taking an old ring bound sketchbook and attaching a custom cover made from jute to the book to create a unique looking production bible. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it yet, but rest assured it'll feature in the next entry.
The other important parts that have been taken care of are the redraft of the script (making this the third and probably not the last redraft) as well as the animatic which draws it's material from the storyboard which is at a whopping 43 pages (but then again there are other projects that have a greater number of pages for they're storyboards). Overall everything's getting wrapped up pretty quickly and should be ready for the hand-in tom... oh wait later today.
(thought I might as well include a coloured storyboard drawing for all those who hate reading)
Well that's all for now, but as always stay tuned.

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