Friday, 1 October 2010

Production Bible and Summer News

Well the Summer has came and went, and while this blog hasn't been updated since May, that doesn't mean we haven't been working on the project. Since the last post a lot of things have happened. But first pictures that were promised so long ago:

Potato Sack covering.



Thanks has to go to Laura and her Mum for making this a really unique looking Production Bible with the stitching and tatty sack coverings. Looking back on this makes me wish I could have done more for this, but that's the joys of hindsight.

Since the start of the new semester the Script as well as the character design have undergone a significant change.

The Crows remain relatively unchanged however we hope to show some more of their personality in the coming posts.

Brian's been working on some animation tests while I've been working on the storyboard and animatics.
Version 2

This is version two of our animatic (the first one taking ages to upload). This is the one that's been handed to our music composer, Laura. We should have a soundtrack for it soon. Right now we're colouring backgrounds and working on layouts which we hope to have done before December so we can start animation as soon as possible.

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